In the beginning…

Our farming and ranching friends in the West have suffered tremendous losses. Their homes, belongings, and livelihoods have been destroyed. I read in awe the stories of the cattlemen in Texas who gave their lives to protect their animals. I was overcome with emotion realizing that they demonstrated the passion that all of us have for our industry.

Some young farmers from our area began organizing a load of hay to go west. Of course, our farm was willing to help. However, as I talked with my husband, we wanted to do more. We decided to gather a small group to travel and volunteer for a few days. The response we received has blown us away. This project has become a true group effort of farmers here in Ohio who want to give of themselves, because we know others would do the same for us.

Now, we are inviting others to join us. We have contacted the Kansas Livestock Association, who is the main contact for relief efforts in their state. They are organizing fence building and clean-up projects for an Ohio group to undertake in the Sunflower State. Please visit this link, where you will find a form to pledge your support. If you would like to travel with the group, please complete the form by March 20.

Here are items you can provide:

-Fencing supplies like t-posts and barbed wire
-Milk replacer (many calves have lost their mamas and are now orphans)
-Cash toward the Ohio group’s travel expenses ( Any donations raised above our expenses and the freight to get donated hay west will be donated directly to the Kansas Livestock Association)

-Cash directly to farm organizations in the states affected (donation form)

I am confident we can make a difference. Let’s work together to pool our resources and efforts to leave a true impact. If the tables were turned, our friends in agriculture would do the same for us. That’s what makes our industry so special.


One thought on “In the beginning…

  1. We live on I 70 and exit 137. Saw the trks and hay heading west!!!
    How great that is! Take care and have a great trip we have 40 to milk and to feed ourselves AND went thru a tie stall total loss fire. No cow loss. We were very fortunate
    Our thoughts are with u
    On the long process rebuilding


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