One day closer to Kansas


What a week it has been. It was just last Monday when Greg shot me a text to ask if I wanted to ride to Kansas with him to take hay. He laughs and says I’m the crazy one who took that idea and ran with it. I say I’m just the organizer for lots of crazy ones who have a heart to help others. At the same time Greg and I started pulling together a plan, tons of others across the state felt a similar call to reach out to ranchers we’ve never met. I’m more than willing to be the crazy one who works behind the scenes to make this happen. I can’t take all the credit. There are so many hearts and hands working together to pull together volunteers and resources to reach out to Kansas friends we’ve yet to meet.

Here is a quick run-down of our group’s plans:

  • Everyone from the initial Ohio convoy that is leaving on Friday will meet at Ohio mile marker 3 near the Indiana/Ohio state line on Interstate 70 at 8:30am.
  • We anticipate over 30 vehicles of hay and supplies and 50 volunteers coming from all corners of the state.
  • When we meet up Friday morning, we hope to quantify the Ohio donations. I imagine we will all be overwhelmed by the generosity of the Ohio farming community.
  • From that stop, we will convoy west, stop for a few hours of sleep, and arrive in Ashland, Kansas, around noon on Saturday.
  • Many of the hay haulers will turn right around and head back to their other responsibilities in Ohio. Approximately 25 of us are staying in Kansas with host families to volunteer our time and talents for a few days.

As we get closer to Friday, the plan continues to evolve, and the fine details start to take care of themselves. We are excited for this week’s adventure and for the opportunity to help alleviate a burden from ranchers who sacrificed much in the past several weeks. Stay tuned to see how our project continues.


One thought on “One day closer to Kansas

  1. Greg….I have several local farmers from the Mansfield/Ashland area that are willing to donate & transport on Friday. I cannot find the form needed to complete to be part of Fridays procession. Please let me know how we can do so. Thank you in advance…..


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