Thumbs up for farmers.

17498470_10154196643676784_2715516265563401642_nIt was kind of a last  minute decision to order some of these banners. In fact, it was 11:00 Monday evening when I hit submit on the internet order, and thanks to the miracle of speedy shipping, the banners were dropper on our porch Wednesday afternoon.

This week, the media attention to this project has been humbling to say the least. Greg and I have been quick to point out the efforts of the other Ohio groups participating too. In fact, it was because of several groups joining together into one band that the project has grown to the magnitude it has. One thing that we’ve said again and again is that we hope that what we’re doing in Ohio will draw attention to the challenges our counterparts in the west are facing.

This project has been about farmers helping farmers. That seemed like a simple message to convey on these 3’x5′ banners that adorn several loads of our hay. As we caravanned across the country today (umm… 700 some miles), the thumbs up from passing drivers showed us that they read our banner, but, more importantly, that they understood our message.

Farmers helping farmers, or even more widespread, people helping people: that’s what humanity is about. I’ll give a thumbs up for that.




One thought on “Thumbs up for farmers.

  1. Thats what its all about. Not just farmers helping farmers. People helping people is the way it should be, unfortunately thats not the case in so many circumstances.. what you are doing needs to be a lesson to us all…God bless you and keep you safe..


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